Wir feiern ohne Rambazamba und schenken unseren Kundinnen und Kunden ein kleines Dankeschön.
Ab sofort bis am 10. November 2017 sind alle Armbänder
im Webshop und im Laden an der Hammerstrasse 90 in Basel
mit 10 % Rabatt erhältlich!

Luxury Leather Jewelry Hand-Crafted in Basel, Switzerland.

IT’S LAUBER shows new ways of wearing leather as a jewelry.
The ornamentality of the braided technique and the material which is tough and soft at the same time give the pieces a feminine, precious touch, paired with ethno inspiration. The simple closure enables a playful way of combinations: the accessoires are not just arm or neck jewellery in the classical sense.
Through clustering and accumulation there is a wide range of combination possibilities that create new, unknown expressions.

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